About Me - Glittering Lights - Marco Lorenzi

..for those who want to know..

Namibia, 1997
I was born in 1970 in Vicenza, a small city in the north east of Italy. I have been fascinated by the night sky since I was a kid when I used to spend many clear nights with my nose up looking at those fascinating sparkling dots of light..

At the age of 14 I took my first successful snapshots of few constellations using my father’s old reflex camera and my life changed forever. Taking pictures of the sky become my lifelong passion.

Many years passed and work and life took me far from home, having me relocating in Asia (Shanghai) several years ago, where I currently live with my family. The incredible light pollution of this city and consequent impossibility to take astronomical photography, forced me to relocate all my equipment under the dark skies of the Australian outback, where I built a small observatory I control remotely through the Internet from everywhere I am.

I published pictures in many astronomical magazines around the globe and got several images selected as Astro Photo Of the Day at NASA website. In 2011 I won the “astronomy photographer of the year” competition by the Maritime Museum and Royal observatory of Greenwich in London on both deep-sky and robotic imaging sections.

If I look back to 30 years ago, I am still surprised by the incredible evolution of technology that permits me to do things today that were not even possible then even in the most advanced professional observatories. Only one thing is unchanged, my love for the night sky and my desire to see through the immense distances that separate us from these glittering lights..

To send me an e-mail: lorenzi70 @ gmail dot com
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