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Ring of Ice and Fire in SMC

Ring of Ice and Fire in SMC

At the "feet" of the SMC, east of the nebular group know as the "magnificent seven" is this amazing area rich of HII and O3 emissions. NGC456, NGC460 and NGC465 is the array of bright emission nebulae at right in the image above. The assortment of irregular shapes appear to be cut through with dark lanes, while the individual nebulae have a large brightness range amongst them. On the middle-left of the image is visible the blue spot of (Henize) N-89, than at its left lays NGC 602 (a young, bright open cluster) and the very faint but large ring of N-90. Radiation and shock waves from the stars have pushed away much of the lighter surrounding gas and dust that compose N90, and this in turn has triggered new star formation in the ridges (or "elephant trunks") of the nebula.

Apo TEC140 (140/f7.2) - FLI Proline 16803 - Ha (360m) OIII(450m) L (180m) R (120m) G (120m) B (120m) - Warrumbungle Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia