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GUM14 / RCW27 Nebula

GUM14 / RCW27 Nebula

Gum 14 is a large emission nebula complex that also includes the bright and prominent reflection nebula NGC 2626, which is illuminated by a 10th magnitude star. Gum 14 is ionized by the supergiant star HD 73882 and was first catalogued in 1955 by the Australian astronomer Colin Gum. Subsequently, it was also included in the RCW catalogue in 1960 and is therefore also known as RCW 27. With a size of approximately 2 degrees, this giant nebula is the largest of a prominent grouping of emission nebulae to the north of the Vela Supernova remnant. Along with Gum 14, this group is comprised of the smaller Gum 15 (RCW 32) and the almost equally large Gum 17 (RCW 33). Gum 14 is a fairly active site of star formation and has an extensive series of dark clouds and bright rimmed globules. Detailed observations and studies by professional astronomers have also uncovered a small collection of Herbig Haro objects (not visible at a widefield scale) and cometary reflection nebulae associated with young stellar objects. Also visible near the top edge is the small planetary nebula Hen 2-11, one of hundreds discovered by the famous astronomer Karl Henize in the 1960's (text provided by Sakib Rasool)

Apo TEC140 (140/f7.2) - FLI Proline 16803 - Ha (300m) L (270m) R (120m) G (120m) B (130m) - Warrumbungle Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia